Harry F. Estill Returns to SHSU

Harry F. Estill stopped by Sam Houston State University for a visit, but this is not a ghost story - so says Today@Sam:
Harry F. Estill III toured Austin Hall, the Peabody Library, and the Estill Classroom Building. He talked some about Sam Houston's fifth president - his grandfather, Harry Fishburne Estill (pictured) - who died when Estill III was barely old enough to have any memories of him at all.

Estill III, 63, is now retired and lives in St. Louis. His father, Harry F. Estill, Jr., moved to St. Louis and started his family there, and Estill III has had little connection with Sam Houston State and only rarely visits to Huntsville.

He remembers returning to Huntsville at Christmas, a year or two before his grandfather died. By that time his grandfather had given up the college presidency, which he held from 1908 to 1937 - the longest tenure of any of the institution's 11 chief executives. He was president emeritus and a professor of history when he died in 1942.


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