Friday, July 15, 2016

Last (Small) House Standing II

There were originally 25 small houses on the SHSU campus. These "houses" are the small, brick dormitories that are home to about 30 to 40 students each or, as the case has been over the years, temporary office space for various campus departments.  (These houses aren't just small, they're versatile, too!)  And they're old: eight of them turn 60 this year.  Look on these works....

Ten down.  Fifteen to go.

Last (Small) House Standing : Results

Ah, 2009 - it seems like yesterday. James Gaertner was president of SHSU, his administration had released an updated Campus Master Plan document that was making the rounds, and readers found the plan outlined a number of buildings were slated for eventual demolition. Among those were most of the small houses, the small, brick dormitories that pop-up around campus.

That year we decided to have a bit of fun with the master plan and asked readers which one of the 19 small houses they thought would be the last one standing. We did note at the time that, however: