Friday, July 15, 2016

Last (Small) House Standing II

There were originally 25 small houses on the SHSU campus. These "houses" are the small, brick dormitories that are home to about 30 to 40 students each or, as the case has been over the years, temporary office space for various campus departments.  (These houses aren't just small, they're versatile, too!)  And they're old: eight of them turn 60 this year.  Look on these works....

Ten down.  Fifteen to go.

As of this writing, various expansion projects are planed for the land where these houses currently reside.  If those plans are carried out then one by one these small houses will be bulldozed and forgotten.  We thought we'd make a game out of it.  Again. Which will be the last small house standing on the SHSU campus? Cast your guess today!

Which will be the last small house standing on the SHSU campus? (II)

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House
Baldwin House
Crawford House
Creager House
Gibbs House
Houston House
Jackson House
Mallon House
Randel House
Shaver House
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority House
Spivey House
Vick House
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority House
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Our usual caveat: in no way does your “vote” sway university officials to do anything. This survey is just for fun (or what we’re again passing off as fun). Master plans are not always carried out right away, nor does the university always end up looking like the approved plan: construction can be slow, projects can shift priorities, and the university can change its mind. That, and the buildingshsu webmaster isn’t distributing prizes to anyone, either.  We'll share the results of this round once bricks begin to fly.

Stay informed and impress your friends.

(Also beware the garage.)

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