Monday, April 20, 1998

Today@Sam: Marks Accepts Cabinet Recommendation On Alcalde

Sam Houston State University President Bobby K. Marks announced Monday that he has approved the President's Cabinet recommendation not to collect a $4 fee from each student to enable continued publication of the university yearbook, Alcalde.

Marks announced his decision on the proposed fee, which was also rejected during last week's Student Government Association election, after discussing it Monday with the President's Cabinet.

"The Cabinet recommendation to discontinue publication of the Alcalde was unanimous," said Marks. "I am not one who likes to give up tradition easily, but the lack of interest shown in saving it in last week's well-publicized election indicates that it is not something students value."

The 364 students who expressed an opinion on the issue in the Student Government Association election represented a turnout of 3.2 percent of the SHSU spring enrollment of 11,398. The vote was 185 students who said they opposed a $4 per semester fee (50.8 percent of those voting on the issue), against 179 who said they would not be opposed to the fee.

The proposed $4 per semester fee would have defrayed operating and production costs for the yearbook. Students wishing to have a copy of the yearbook would have still been required to purchase it.