SHSU Counseling Center Understaffed, Overcrowded

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SHSU Counseling Center Understaffed, Overcrowded
The Tuesday March 25 edition of the Houstonian discusses the overcrowded Counseling Center and the excitement the new Health and Counseling Center brings:
The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center currently has a two-week long waiting list to see students as the result of the understaffed, overcrowded office. While SHSU’s counseling center should have 12 therapists based on this ratio, it only has seven, making the actual ratio roughly one therapist for every 2,714 students.

According to Miller, the new Counseling Center building should be completed in late July or early August. The new building will have 20 offices, and Miller said the counselors hope to relocate before the fall semester.

“We’re very excited about being able to expand our services when we move into the new facility,” Miller said. “It’s been something that has been a goal of mine for years since I’ve been in this role, and we’re so excited to finally be able to bring extended resources to the students because there’s a clear need. If we didn’t have a wait list, we wouldn’t be trying to grow because there wouldn’t be the need, so we’re just thrilled to be able to finally provide that.”

Miller said the center is already taking measures to increase their faculty size and meet the growing demand.

A Life Circummured With Brick(s)

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It’s Spring Break at SHSU and that normally means I’m wandering the main campus taking photographs. Not today – but I was reviewing the photographs that I’ve taken over the last eight years and found something mildly interesting.

First some history. Approval was granted in August 2011 for a $2.2 Million restoration of Austin Hall. The project included work on both its interior and exterior and went as far as temporarily removing the bricks and applying new mortar. From what I recall the idea was to number them and reposition them back in their original location, save for those that had deteriorated beyond use. When the project was complete Austin Hall was rededicated in October 2012.

So here are two photographs of the same brick that features a rather prominent "B" that we once used to represent the "B" in the now-former buildingshsu logo (play the Writing on the Wall game to learn more on that). The first photograph is from our July 2007 visit, the second came just last year in March 2013. You notice the main brick and its surrounding brethren are mostly the same except now above it to the right is a brick featuring the initials "M B".  So did "M B" find a blank canvas to leave their mark sometime between 2007 and 2013 what with all the shrubs trimmed out of the way?

For what it’s worth, the brick to the bottom right is still marked with “’84”, meaning that engraver most likely graduated from SHSU a mere thirty years ago.

Not a lot of time when you consider the original bricks were placed there when the building was constructed over 160 years ago.