Saturday, February 5, 2000

February 2000 Regents Report

Today@Sam has their report on the quarterly meeting of the Texas State University System Board of Regents:
New fees and rates in housing, for meal plans, the general use fee, and for a new Saturday MBA program, as well as two construction and renovation projects were approved Friday by Sam Houston State University's governing board. Most room rates will increase about $75 per semester, or 8.8 percent.

The rate for White Hall, which was $845 prior to the renovation now underway, will increase to $1,500 per semester. The renovation is expected to be completed by July. The new White Hall two person suite arrangement reduces the facility's overall occupancy and brings it more in line with apartment-type off-campus housing in amenities and cost.

The board also authorized the construction of a metal building for the Phase II Agricultural Mechanization Center, which will provide 4,325 square feet of new space for tractor/equipment repair instruction, hydraulics/electronics/power train instruction, tool storage, and a steam cleaning room. Construction is expected to be completed by early summer, at a cost of $299,900.

The board authorized the university to employ Dabhi Engineering Associates, Inc. of Houston to design safety improvements for Johnson Coliseum, including emergency lighting for a safe evacuation of people from the building if necessary, and installation of a back-up generator. Additional safety items will include automatic smoke and heat detectors and upgraded alarm system, all at a cost of $211,000.