Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Houstonian: Fewer parking spots open after Spring Break; shuttle needed

From the Houstonian:
While the student body spends their Spring Break partying, vacationing, or just sleeping in, the university itself doesn't sleep. Instead, construction will be in full effect for the parking lot next to the Estill classroom building.

"A portion of the administration lot, located south of Estill, will be converted into a construction site for the new visitor center," said Colonel Dennis Culak. "Over 70 parking spaces will be lost during Spring Break. To compensate for that loss, we're going to convert the two small lots west of the new science building and north of Chinese Express."

Additionally, to compensate for the commuters, the cost for parking in the garage will be lowered to a maximum of $3 for a day and $1 per hour. There will also be a shuttle running with a new route.

"The shuttle will pick up individuals in the stadium parking lot and exit onto Bearkat Boulevard and proceed west on Bearkat," said Culak. "Stops will be made at Bearkat Boulevard and Bobby K. Marks, Bearkat Boulevard and Avenue I, and Bearkat Boulevard at Belvin-Buchanan and Estill Hall. The bus will then turn south on University Avenue and 17th Street and then will enter University Drive. Stops will then be made at University Drive and Austin Hall steps and University Drive and Evans Complex and the Estill building.

The shuttle will then turn east on Bowers Boulevard and will stop at the intersection of Bowers Boulevard and Avenue J and make a final stop in front of the HKC building."

Construction for the Visitor's Center is estimated to last for over a year.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Houstonian: Students voice concerns over SHSU parking lots

From the Houstonian:
It's hard to imagine a campus issue more widely discussed among students than the parking situation at Sam Houston State. When walking from the commuter lots just north of AB IV, the sound of cars scraping bumpers on entrance and exit ramps has become as much a part of the environment as the sound of construction of the new science building. However, the inadequate conditions of campus parking lots are not central to one section of campus; it is an issue all over.

In a poll, 100 randomly selected students were asked if they felt that campus parking lots are in good condition, and 67 percent said they were not and felt the school could do more to maintain them. Poorly marked parking areas, low visibility, and potholes throughout the lots were among issues students voiced concern over.

Having a new parking garage that is unaffordable while conditions worsen in lots has students bothered as well. "I don't feel like they should have built a parking garage and charge students, but not fix other [lots]," said junior Lori Carter. The majority of students who feel that the parking lots are in poor condition feel that authorities need to pay more attention to the condition of the lots and more funding should go toward proper maintenance of them.