Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Houstonian: SHSU to build two new housing facilities

From the Houstonian:
President James Gaertner approved the construction of a $15 million apartment-style housing facility at the intersection of Bowers Boulevard and Montgomery Road.

"Our planning research indicates that this is a major need, and we are looking at several solutions in partnership with the private sector which will provide apartment-type housing on university property in the Bowers Stadium area," said Gaertner in an article on the "Today @ Sam" Web site.

According to the Web site, the Board of Regents approved the employment of C. F. Jordan, Limited Partners, of College Station, to design and build the structures. There will be two separate apartments, Bearkat Village I and Bearkat Village II. These will be the first residence halls constructed in this area since 1962, and they will replace several residence halls that have been demolished in recent years.

Behind the Building: Estill Building

Here’s another in the Houstonian’s series about the buildings on campus, this time about Estill Building.

Favorite line:
"The Estill Building was constructed as a three-story library and was named the Estill Library in honor of Estill."

And it is still a three-story building.

Houstonian: Students help move and reconstruct oldest log cabin in Walker County

From the Houstonian:
Back in the 1840s, the thought of moving was a big ordeal. Moving your home also? Impossible.

This past year, some dedicated people have moved the oldest known log cabin in Walker County. With some help of history students, and under the guidance and coordination of Caroline Crimm, history professor at SHSU, the Farris-Roberts log cabin was moved 15 miles from where it was located.

During July, about 33 SHSU senior and seven master history students, helped deconstruct the two-room cabin. They mainly removed the roof and some attachments so the structure could be easily moved.

Allen Roberts built the cabin in 1840 or 1841, and before being moved to downtown, it was located on the Farris family property west of Huntsville. The cabin remained in the Farris family for six generations, until it was donated to the city in 2001.

The Farris family had offered to donate the cabin 17 years ago, but apparently some local citizens interested in historical preservation were concerned that moving the structure would damage the cabin and would be lost to deterioration and neglect, Lewis said. The family had also offered $1,000 toward moving and restoring the structure at the time.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Houstonian: Gaertner discusses new housing

From the Houstonian:
Sam Houston State University President James Gaertner met with the student body Wednesday night to inform them of future campus changes, to answer questions, give advice and to hear students' input.

Gaertner believes the time for construction is now because interest rates are at an all-time low. "I am confident that the people who follow us in years to come will say we did a good thing for the university," he said. One of the largest building projects Gaertner discussed was the construction of the Bearkat Village apartment complex, which will be located across from Bowers Stadium. Bearkat Village is expected to be completed for the next academic year.

Gaertner also discussed a structured parking garage located immediately north of the Lee Drain building in the works for Sam Houston students. He hopes to help commuter students and those who park on the south side of campus by building dining facilities in the space where the temporary Barnes & Noble bookstore was located.

The Smith-Hutson Business Building, the Teacher Education Center, and the Farrington building will receive money for renovations and additions as well. One project Gaertner was particularly enthusiastic about was the construction of a visitor's center southwest of the Estill building.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Behind the Building: Johnson Coliseum

Here’s another in the Houstonian’s series about the buildings on campus, focusing this week on Johnson Coliseum.

Favorite line:
“The staff at the Coliseum assures that days are set aside particularly for university and community functions. Some of these functions include commencement exercises, registration, recreational sports programming, Parent's Day, career fairs, award ceremonies, homecoming activities, student recruitment days, organizational fairs, banquets, Greek Life functions and many other functions.”

And weddings, and bar mitzvahs, and conventions, and box socials, and spelling bees, and grammar rodeos, and....

Friday, September 6, 2002

New Auditorium Honors Olson

From Today@Sam:
The auditorium of Sam Houston State University's newest classroom and office building has been named the Dr. James S. Olson Auditorium in honor of the distinguished professor of history and chair of that department.

The Texas State University System Board of Regents took the action "in honor of his many accomplishments...and his continued generous support of Sam Houston State University."

The new building at 20th Street and Ave. I has been designated as Academic Building Four. It will house the history, psychology and philosophy, and library science departments, as well as a Student Advising and Mentoring Center and a new computer services laboratory. Completion is scheduled this fall, with use expected at the beginning of the spring semester. The 4,100-square foot auditorium will seat 286.