Saturday, January 1, 2011

Construction & Demolition

To begin the New Year, some news about a number of construction and demolition projects scheduled in the upcoming months and years. First, a recent Request for Proposal (RFP) noted the university’s intention to remove the following eleven structures:
  • Layer and Breeder Building
  • Swine Building
  • Poultry Lab
  • Recital Hall
  • Four wood framed residences located at corner of 15th Street and Avenue J
  • One manufactured home (double wide trailer) located 104 Fraser
  • White House (wood frame home) located at 127 Wire Road
  • Old Ranch Hand House (wood frame residence located at Gibbs Ranch)
The RFP notes the Swine Building and Layer and Breeder buildings each have a one underground waste collection tank that must be pumped and completely removed from the site.