Friday, May 27, 2005

Regents Approve New Degrees, Apartment Plan

The first step toward four new degrees and preliminary plans for a new apartment-style housing complex were approved Friday by Sam Houston State University's governing body.

Preliminary plans for a new 400-bed apartment-style housing complex, prepared by PDG Architects of Houston, were approved. The $15 million facility will be similar to the Bearkat Village and Sam Houston Village projects and will be built on a six-acre site where the Gintz, Aydelotte, and McCray units are now located.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Remodeled Health Center To Reopen

The student health center at Sam Houston State University will be closed for two days Monday and Tuesday next week, but open again Wednesday in a newly remodeled, state-of-the art building at Ave. J and Bearkat Blvd.

For the past eight months the health center has been temporarily located in modular buildings in the Estill Hall parking lot, providing their full range of services in a smaller working area. The remodeled building is closer to students walking from the main parts of campus and will have visitor parking spaces.

The health center will now be equipped with a modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Students will have the opportunity to connect to high-speed wireless Internet while they wait for their appointments. The patient waiting room will be equipped with new furniture and a video monitor screen. The front office and nurses’ station have been streamlined to make healthcare operations more efficient and the flow of traffic smoother. Students will now be seen in warm and soothing examination rooms with new furniture. Plus, there are two extra examination rooms to allow for the addition of a new practitioner and additional office space to resume the peer education program.