Houstonian: Still in bloom after 50 years

Half a century ago, a woman with a love for beauty, flowers and gardening began a process in Huntsville, which has continued throughout the years. Grace Longino Cox took those passions and created a fresh and beautiful look for the campus of Sam Houston State University in the late 1940s.

Cox came to SHSU as a student in 1922 and began the beautification process on the campus after the death of her husband, William Longino, a professor at SHSU. Cox was known for her remarkable jewel garden, located near Austin Hall. The jewel garden is a pool with pretty rocks and stones embedded around it, which were the jewels. After working on the campus for five or six years, Cox accepted a job as director of the Sam Houston State Museum and park. After 19 or so years as working as director of the museum and park, Cox retired.

In 1986, SHSU honored Cox by presenting her with the Distinguished Alumni Award.


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