Today@Sam: The Master of the Plan

Ralph Spencer, the well-known architect and new Huntsville resident, just finished designing the new Master Plan for Sam Houston State University that will take the institution through the next 10 years of its development.

President Marks was able to get Spencer to come out of his 1989 retirement and design the new master plan. Spencer designed the previous plan in 1980 that took the university to the year 2000.

"It was hard for us to think in terms of working with a different campus master planner, one who would have to start from the beginning to know the University," said Marks. "Ralph knew the personality and infrastructure of the University well.

"Frankly, we began to contrive ways of coaxing him out of retirement on a temporary basis, to update the campus master plan one more time. To shorten the story, we were successful in our attempts."


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