SH! New logo installed...

Today’s Houstonian discusses some of the signage on campus; interesting to read where one of the signs would have gone:
Bowers Stadium and Johnson Coliseum received a face-lift thanks to new SHSU logo signs installed on their walls Wednesday.

The two lighted signs each measure six feet wide by six feet tall. They are replicas of the new school logo adopted by the administration last year.

"We initially wanted the signs installed on the communications tower of the Dan Rather Building," said John Hitzeman, director of purchasing and stores. After engineers evaluated and estimated the cost of installation, allowing for the wind load on the tower, "we decided it would just cost way too much," Hitzeman said.

Hitzeman said the university put out bids on the $7,900 project last year....

One sign was placed on the side of Bowers Stadium facing the Newton Gresham Library. The second sign was placed on Johnson Coliseum facing the HKC Building.


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