Behind the Building: Smith-Kirkley Complex

Yet another article in the Houstonian’s long-running series about the buildings on campus; today we focus on Smith-Kirkley Hall.

Favorite line:
"The Kirkley and Smith buildings were both bought in 1959. Smith Hall was bought for $22,500 and Kirkley Hall was bought for $5,500. Both properties were pieced together to make the Smith-Kirkley complex. The fifth floor dormitory was occupied on 1961."

First, I always thought a “Smith-Kirkley Complex” was the name for the delusions one received from living in this dormitory. (This is a joke, albeit not the funniest I've ever written.)

Second, I’m utterly lost on how the two dorms were “both bought in 1959” (it reads as if the dorms were built by a third-party and later purchased by SHSU - sort of like the Colony Apartments). The 1962 Alcalde plainly shows Smith Hall prior to Kirkley’s construction. Perhaps the article meant the university purchased the land for the buildings in 1959? But then, to be fair, one wonders how old the photograph was? But why would the Alcalde show an outdated photograph as a representation of the current campus? And why do we really care?


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