Houstonian: Playing the name game

From the Houstonian:
If a Senate Bill to change the name of Southwest Texas State University to Texas State University at San Marcos is passed, the name of Sam Houston State University and other universities in the Texas State University System might also be changed.

Texas State Sen. Jeff Wentworth filed a bill with the Senate of Texas on March 6 at the request of Southwest Texas State University's Associated Student Government. A press release from Wentworth's office stated if Senate Bill 928 passes, it would be effective Sept. 1.

SHSU President James Gaertner said if the current bill begins to get serious consideration out of committee, then the Board of Regents in our Texas State University System would meet to discuss the possibility of not only changing the name of Southwest Texas State University, but also changing the names of other system schools.

"If that would pass the Board of Regents, we don't know what form that would take, maybe it would pass that all (universities in the system) would change their name, maybe it would pass that only those who want to will change its name, so we don't know what form that will take and we are really dealing in speculation," Gaertner said. "Then there would be a proposed amendment to the bill in the way that the Regents voted and then that bill will be considered for law."


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