Houstonian: SGA visits Austin

From the Houstonian:
The Student Government Association traveled to Austin April 27-28 to bring attention to the issues of the name changes, affirmative action and deregulation of tuition practices, along with several other issues, with various politicians.

One of the main issues the 21 members discussed was the Senate Bill 928, which concerns the possibility of the name change for many universities in Texas. The students spoke with Texas State University System Chancellor Lamar Urbanovsky, who SGA Secretary Jason Plotkin said is opposed to the name change. Despite the opposition, it seems unlikely SHSU's name will stay the same if Southwest Texas State University receives a name change.

"In order to make all schools in the system equal, all names in the system would have to change," Plotkin said.

Plotkin said in the event of the name change, Southwest Texas would become the de facto flagship school in the system because "perception is major," and most people would perceive the school as the flagship

"We're a unique system in the fact that there is no flagship," Plotkin said. "The chancellor did say that if there was a name change, the names of Lamar and Sam Houston would stay intact one way or another because of their historical namesakes."


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