Houstonian: Students name new dining facility

From the Houstonian:
The students of Sam Houston State University can name the new dining facility and win as much as $100 in bearkat express points.

Dana L. Grant, assistant director for finance and marketing from the department of residence life said, "Since we have a new dining facility on campus, upper administration wanted the students to name it. They gave us the charge...to make it into a contest." The contest is similar to a previous contest held in the early 90's in which the student body named Tater's n Stuff located in the Paw Print, Grant said.

Grant also added that many of the entries so far have either Bearkat or Sammy in the name but there is nothing in particular that we are looking for, its totally up to the students.

The new diner is scheduled to open in January and faculty and staff may also participate in the contest.


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