Houstonian: SHSU's newest living facility has incoming freshmen 'excited' about dorm life

From the Houstonian:
Freshman moving into Sam Houston Village this weekend had to watch the walls as the paint just finished drying. Construction workers finished in the nick of time, just barely meeting the deadline allowing students to move in on schedule.

"It wasn't 100 percent complete when we wanted it to be, but it was finished for the most part and students were allowed to move in on Friday," said Joellen Tipton, director of Residence Life.

The new facility is the latest addition to SHSU's dormitory life with a layout similar to that of the recently erected Bearkat Village. Each apartment style suite includes two separate bedrooms and a living area (complete with sink and microwave). The suites lack the cooking amenities (i.e. the stove and full-size refrigerator) of Bearkat Village as Sam Houston Village is freshman exclusive and they are still required to have a meal plan.

Students so far have little to no complaints about the facility, though Gilbert commented that "a pool table in the lobby would be nice, to try and get people to hang out."

Tipton also commented that Sam Houston Village has been a big help in bringing people into the school. "It's been a good recruiting tool [for the university]. Everybody at orientation was interested in it, what it looked like and they all wanted to see it even when we couldn't get it in to see it," she said. "I know that [the admissions office] talked about it a lot, Dr. Gaertner talked about it a lot. It's new housing and that's something that we have been badly needing."


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