Houstonian: Record enrollment causes influx of parking predicaments at SHSU

From the Houstonian:
With a record enrollment of 14,314 students reported last week, it is easy to see why things seem to be getting more crowded around campus. When asking students about their thoughts on the enrollment figures, the echoing concern always seemed to be the parking situation on campus. This is a concern that has been around for a long time.

A quick look across campus will reveal a multitude of construction taking place, such as the addition to the Health and Kinesiology building, a new science building, expansion of the Smith-Hutson Business building and a new baseball/softball complex.

With the addition of a new parking garage on the north side of the campus, the parking situation was helped a little, but taking away numerous spaces due to the construction of the new science building has offset that relief. In spite of this fact, many students do not feel that they should have to pay an additional parking fee on top of the $45 price tag of the parking sticker required to park on any campus lots.

The addition of new parking facilities would be an ideal solution, but as one can see by looking around the campus, there is no where to put them. The University is busy trying to expand its classroom counts to have room for the influx of new students, and there is not any great expanse close to or on campus to put a vast parking lot or another parking garage, for that matter.


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