Houstonian: Tour exposes haunted Huntsville sites

From the Houstonian:
There are 45 haunted locations on the Sam Houston State University campus, said Aaron Hoosier, a tour guide for Haunted Huntsville Tours. A spirit actually made its presence known near the administration building on Friday night, he said.

"I lost control of the group. Half of them went running and the other half wanted to go inside the building," said Hoosier, "It was a Class A haunting. That's where a spirit can interact with the environment around it."

Hoosier was with the group that ran and said one girl started screaming. He didn't realize what had happened because he was wrapped up with the tour. "That place terrifies me. It's one of the scariest things in the area," he added.

A lost little boy is said to roam the halls of the administration building and nobody knows why Hoosier said, and that his research revealed some clues but no hard evidence about who the boy might be. His clothing is indicative of the late 1800's or early 1900's.

Hoosier said of the 45 locations he researched, he was able to confirm 25 of them as haunted. "Out of the 25, we picked the six most haunted places on campus for the tour. I was able to document them through newspaper clippings and articles. I did the research but to see the hard evidence has changed my mind about what goes bump in the night at Sam Houston State University."


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