Houstonian: Expansion forcing families to move

From the Houstonian:
Security and safety are two things that everyone wants for their family. But for many of the residents of Gintz Family Apartments on campus, it is something they may soon be deprived of courtesy of university expansion.

Three weeks ago the families of Gintz were informed by Residence Life Director Joellen Tipton that all residents must be vacated by May of 2005 for the demolishing of the complex. It is rumored (though no official word has been given) that the space will then be used for brand new dormitories to compensate for the planned demolishing of Smith-Kirkley Hall. This leaves over 30 families with no options and no place to go.

The biggest complaint that many residents have is the unexpectedness of the announcement and the relatively short span of time between when they were informed and when they will be forced out.

"It's not a surprise to anyone who lives here," said senior Jim Massey, a single father. "What is surprising is that 'wham,' all of a sudden there's talk of demolishing the place, even though it is not anywhere on the two year plan. Gaertner just made the decision that it's going to go in the spring, and then nothing has been decided where the families who are living here are going to go."

Despite repeated efforts to contact officials on various levels, no one from the university was available for comment.


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