SGA to Discuss New Bills

Rachael Gleason reports in the September 4 edition of the Houstonian about some of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) proposed bills this semester, including one for a possible shuttle system and student safety on Sam Houston Avenue.

In the article, SGA President Christopher Whitaker says that one of the bills involves student safety, specifically pedestrian safety for students walking to school from apartments on the other side of Sam Houston Avenue. In the bill, he said "Hundreds of students who live on the west side of Sam Houston Avenue must cross this busy street on a daily basis; as pedestrian and vehicular traffic increases along this road, Sam Houston Avenue becomes more dangerous for students." The bill calls for the school to "request the Texas Department of Transportation increase the safety of Sam Houston Avenue" and proposes that crosswalks be installed at Montgomery and Lake Roads. The bill also recommends that the speed limit on Sam Houston Avenue from 14th Street to Sycamore Avenue be decreased.

Interestingly enough, one of the previous Campus Master Plans called for the demolition of Academic Building Two and Jackson-Shaver Hall to build an underground pedestrian tunnel for a similar cause.

Other topics up for discussion include a possible University Shuttle System and development of the Downtown Music Project, allowing local musicians and bands to play in the Old Town Theatre.


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