Construction Updates

Thursday's Houstonian [November 1, 2007] notes the impending completion of the expanded Mall area, on the former Frels-Wilson buildings.

Also, the SHSU Physical Plant page has been updated (though you wouldn't get that from the top of the page where it still says "April 2007") to include current (or mildly recent) photographs of construction:
  • Academic Building V ("Substantial Completion Date: September 2008")
  • Mall area ("Substantial Completion Date: October 2007")
  • Design of the forthcoming Performing Arts Center ("Substantial Completion Date: December 2009")
  • Plans for the new Agriculture Complex at Gibbs ranch
  • North dining facility ("Substantial Completion Date: December 2008")
Finally, one can view a few pictures of the Colony Apartments in an early stage of demolition. Also, the contents of the Telephone Services building (that unsightly holdover from the Frels-Wilson demolition) appear to be on the move to Academic Building One...? (I thought it was AB5?)


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