Rebuilding Fallen Arches

The Huntsville Item reports that the old archway that stood outside the Sam Houston Memorial Museum is being recreated.
The archway that says “Sam Houston Home” is situated between two stone pillars leading to the museum’s entrance.

Patrick Nolan, director of the museum, said the old archway was wooden and decayed a long time ago. After finding the two stone pillars buried behind some trees, Nolan said the museum hired a contractor to rebuild the archway based on an old photograph.

Nolan said the Sam Houston Folk Festival donated the money to create the archway.

"It’s our gift to Huntsville,” Nolan said. “It’s a symbol of the museum pride and dedication to Huntsville."

Nolan said there might be a dedication ceremony at some point in the future.
The old photograph mentioned in the story is probably similar to the one we have above from the 1962 Alcalde (above).

I guess I don’t understand how the pillars were “just found” behind some trees, as I saw them and wondered their usefulness back in 1997 when I started the buildingshsu project. You have to drive past them to enter or exit the museum grounds, which someone is doing in our 2007 photo (right). Of course, it wasn't until later I discovered why the pillars were there, and by then I was more surprised that someone hadn't insisted they be torn down. I guess I'm just amazed in the sudden interest in the once-forgotten archway.


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