Saturday, November 1, 2008

Building a Mystery:"B" is for Brumby?

The SHSU Art Complex is a collection of six buildings – five metal and one brick – located on the southwest side of campus along Sam Houston Avenue. It’s the second building, Building B, that we’re interested in today.

We found a copy of SHSU’s "1997-1999 Self Study for Reaffirmation of Accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools" (SACS) and couldn’t help notice a strange line when discussing the Department of Art:
Building B, known as the Brumby Building, contains the jewelry workshops....
Our question: what's this colloquial moniker “Brumby” about? Whoever it was and whatever it means, we doubt it is official – much less well-known – as this is the only place we’ve seen the name in print. Maybe it was the name of the occupant at the time the building and property were sold to the university (i.e. Brumby Interior Designs of Huntsville)? Maybe it was the name of someone who had an office on the second floor (i.e. Horace Brumby)?

As far as the building itself, Building B was constructed in 1968, years before the Department of Art had inhabited this corner of campus (the next oldest building in the complex, F, was built in 1979). Suffice to say Building B was used for other purposes at that time before it was eventually bought by the university.


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