KatFans: Fixing Austin Hall?

A discussion has started at KatFans discussing the state of Austin Hall, SHSU’s oldest building:
I've been going by Austin Hall a lot recently, and every time I've gone by I've noticed more and more stuff on the outside of the building that's been falling into disrepair (missing shutters, peeling paint, huge chunks missing from the pillars on the back side, etc). Because of Austin Hall's historical significance for the university and for the state, I've made my new goal in life to get Austin Hall repaired and restored.

I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to find any state funding that may be set aside for preservation of historical sites (Austin Hall has the Texas Historical Commission medallion on the back part of the building). I've been looking on the THC's website, but really haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone here know anything about any money that may be set aside for this by the state?


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