Program To WASH Up In New Facility

Today@Sam reports that the SHSU art department will celebrate the opening of its newest building, the Workshop in Art Studio and History Facility, on Thursday, August 26:
The grand opening for the 6,000 square foot building will be held from 5-7 p.m. at its new location, 2220 Avenue M, south of 22nd street.

In its third year, the WASH program is comprised of nine hours of foundational classes, including six hours of studio art and three hours of lecture, that art majors and minors take as a block.

The growth of the program, along with the photography program moving to the art buildings, has also created the need for a separate facility. The WASH program was previously housed in a rented building on Highway 75.
For those curious, the former location of the WASH program has become Center Stage Dance Productions , as revealed in a July 23, 2010 Item article:
The new studio, located at 7040 Highway 75 South, will include two rooms where classes will take place. The first is 700 square-feet while the larger is 1,700 square-feet...the building previously served as the WASH art facility for SHSU....


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