Memories: Kappa Delta Sorority House

Tamberly wrote us recently to pass along some memories of her time in the old Kappa Delta Sorority House, renamed the Houston House c. 1995:
I was a member of Kappa Delta and lived in the KD house in 1989-90, room 215, just over the front door. When I lived in the house, it was beautifully decorated, with deep plush dark green carpet (as our colors were dark green and pearl white), beautiful couches and wingback chairs, big screen TV, baby grand piano, china hutch and a study hall where the kitchen was.

When the university took over all food services, KD lost the house mother/cook that was loved by many.

At the landing on the stairwell, our sorority crest was painted on the wall. I so wish I had a photo of it. We had swinging shutter doors that closed off the living quarters hall from the main part of the house. No boys allowed past the shutter doors.

I thought I had a photo of the KD letters that were attached to the outside wall of the house but I cannot locate it.


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