Construction & Demolition

To begin the New Year, some news about a number of construction and demolition projects scheduled in the upcoming months and years. First, a recent Request for Proposal (RFP) noted the university’s intention to remove the following eleven structures:
  • Layer and Breeder Building
  • Swine Building
  • Poultry Lab
  • Recital Hall
  • Four wood framed residences located at corner of 15th Street and Avenue J
  • One manufactured home (double wide trailer) located 104 Fraser
  • White House (wood frame home) located at 127 Wire Road
  • Old Ranch Hand House (wood frame residence located at Gibbs Ranch)
The RFP notes the Swine Building and Layer and Breeder buildings each have a one underground waste collection tank that must be pumped and completely removed from the site. 

Second, the approved projects on the Texas State University System Capital Improvements report show the following changes potentially coming to the campus:

  • FY 2010
  • FY 2011
    • Bearkat Camp Phase II
    • Demolition of Recital Hall
    • New Art Complex
    • Parking Structure on Bearkat Blvd.
  • FY 2012
    • Agriculture Building
    • Agriculture Complex at Gibbs Ranch
    • South Central Plant
  • FY 2013
    • Biology, Nursing, and Allied Health Building
    • Demolition Of Art Complex
    • Health Center Expansion
    • Residence Hall North Of Sorority Hill
  • FY 2014
    • Demolition Of Academic Bldg III
    • Forensic Science Building
    • New College Of Business Building
    • Alumni Center
  • FY 2015
    • Criminal Justice Center Addition
    • Interstate 45 Recreational Complex
    • Integrated Engineering Building
    • New Residence Hall At King Hall site


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