Building a Mystery: Home Management Home

One thing about going further back in time through the yearbooks is that the locations of certain buildings are somewhat ambiguous.
Take for example the Home Management House, as shown in the 1941 Alcalde. This is most likely one of the many homes that surrounded the campus in the early-to-mid 20th Century – maybe once a boarding house for SHNI students that was later used as a demonstration home for research and educational purposes. As the campus grew whole neighborhoods of homes like this were leveled to make way for academic buildings, dormitories, pedestrian malls, green spaces, and even sometimes parking lots.

Where was this house located? Ken Hestand (’57) dropped us a line with some ideas:
My wife remembers that the Home Management House was near what was called the Annex, but doesn’t remember exactly where. On the east side of the Avenue J and facing the President's House was a two story house that was called the Annex. My wife roomed there. I believe it was also used as a demonstration house for home economics majors who had to live there for a semester, to plan and cook meals. One requirement was to have sweetbreads at least once a week. They also kept house, etc. as a normal housewife would do. From your map, the Annex was where the Post Office/Telephone Service Building was.
Yum - sweetbreads!  So perhaps this house once sat south of where the LSC now stands?  Any other thoughts?


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