Sunday, April 1, 2012

Writing on the Wall #11

It’s time for another look-see around campus. Can you identify the building or location where we took the photos that make up the former buildingshsu masthead? Here’s this month's letter and its haiklu:

acolyte of history
look on her works, ye preserved
the soldier's footsteps


Sports Economist said...

Is it from Peabody Library?

buildingshsu said...

Good guess (and thanks for stopping by, too) – but, alas, no. One key word: "her"

Anonymous said...

This looks like one of the dedication plates on the buildings across campus with the regents names on them and such. not sure which building it is in though

buildingshsu said...

Well, it is a dedication plaque (the texture sort of gives it away, yes) but not one involving regents. It’s actually a specialized plaque that honors one particular person for something that person did.

My next clue: it’s on the west side of Sam Houston Avenue.

Happy hunting! (...and it's about time I upload some new letters in this game, too....)

Anonymous said...

Col. Josey. Steamboat house

buildingshsu said...

Well, you’re the closest thus far but it’s not the Steamboat House. Nor is it joseY, either.