Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plans Set For Baptist Student Ministry Renovation

Architects have been tasked with designing a new Baptist Student Center facility, the Houstonian reports, citing various structural and mechanical issues in the current facility that are too expensive to repair:
"A new building would alleviate these issues, plus allow us to produce a building that will work more efficiently and be more aesthetically appealing on campus," BSM Director David Griffin said.

The university made an offer to buy the BSM building at a market price in January, but the BSM declined the offer to take on its own reconstruction project. “We declined to sell because our mission is very much tied to our location and is aided by it,” Griffin said. “One of the benefits of having a new building is that we will be here another sixty years. The campus is constantly improving; we want students to come here. We want to build something comparable to what the school is building.”

The largest logistical problem will come during the six to nine month construction project, during which time the BSM’s staff will likely operate out of one of the local Baptist churches. ...architects are currently working on a design that will await approval from a local feasibility board. After-which, the board will begin a time of fundraising.

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