Regents Want Negotiations On Maalouf Property

The Huntsville Item reports [Aug. 17] that the Texas State University System authorized SHSU to acquire property occupied by the Military Reserve Building on Sam Houston Avenue through negotiation and purchase:
Texas State University System administrators decided not to have the regents consider acquiring the property through eminent domain because, TSUS spokesman Mike Wintemute said, the proper metes and bounds survey had not been conducted to separate the property from the adjacent Huntsville Fire Station No. 2.

Huntsville’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted Thursday to recommend City Council approve a measure to divide the properties, while allowing them to share an easement that provides access to Sam Houston Avenue.

Maalouf Properties and the city of Huntsville have entered into a contract to buy the city-owned land after council awarded Maalouf’s $650,000 bid July 2.

The same 2.5-acre property has been identified by SHSU administrators as necessary in the university’s Master Plan Update, approved by the regents in February, to provide for the expansion of the university’s ROTC program and services for student veterans, expected this fall to number at approximately 1,000.

At least two local businessmen, including Tarek Maalouf of Maalouf Properties, have offered to donate land to the university for ROTC and veterans programs.

Maalouf offered a share of his 57 acres behind the Community Services Credit Union on FM 2821 and Quality Boulevard, but the university declined the offer, Hooten said, because it did not fit within the university’s future growth areas.

George Russell sent an email to SHSU President Dana Gibson on Wednesday offering 9,000-square-foot building at the corner of Ave O and 16th Street.


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