Time Capsule: December 3, 1913

For 100 years, journalism students at Sam Houston State University have documented the changing campus and community in the pages of the Houstonian. Since December 3, 1913 the student-run voice of SHSU has not only served as an information source for and by the students but has also given students interested in pursuing a career in journalism a valuable experience. A century later the Houstonian continues the communication online and through social networking sites.

From today's centenary edition:
The Houstonian will hold an open house to look back on their past 100 years, tonight from 3:30 to 5:45 p.m. The Dan Rather Building will be opened up and have events throughout the building.

On the second floor of the DRB there will be food in the conference room as well as a timeline going down the hallway. The timeline will include various newspapers that have been published throughout the years. The newsroom will also be open for people to walk through.

On the first floor, interviews will be taped in Studio B of former Houstonian Alumni. They will be asked about their experience at the Houstonian, their most interesting story that they covered and more.


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