Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House Opens

We’ve mentioned it on brief occasion over the past decade but the Epsilon Zeta chapter of the Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ) fraternity finally and formally opened their new house today [Sat. Jan. 25].
The Joseph “Butch” MacKenzie Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House is located east of main campus at 287 Bearkat Boulevard on a 1.8 acre tract behind the Byrd Prison Cemetery and south of the Theta Chi Fraternity House (2001).

The house was named in honor of MacKenzie (d. 1997), a 1960 graduate of SHSTC and a 2000 distinguished alumnus, at the request of his former roommate and fraternity brother, the late Ronald Mafrige (1937-2011), who paid off the debt of the fraternity's former shelter.


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