Academic Building IV Repairs Slated For April Completion

The Feb. 25 edition of the Houstonian touches on the repairs slated for AB4 following the December 2013 accident that killed three SHSU students:
Repairs to Academic Building IV are expected to be complete at the end of April following a single-car accident that killed three SHSU students in December.

According to Gordon Morrow, director of plant operations, the construction will total close to $70,000 with repairs needed to the brick foundation on the south side of the building. Construction is slated to begin in March.

The pillar that runs adjacent to the south-side stairwell suffered damage to the brick foundation, although Morrow said the structural integrity of the building did not suffer.

Alpha Building was awarded the contract for the construction of the building as well as repairs to windows and hand rails affected by the accident. Morrow said the university’s electrical shop is currently repairing a light pole that was damaged as well.

Morrow said ABIV will not shut down during construction and classes will not be affected.

Price Consulting Engineer Bruce Cummins inspected the damages to ABIV on Dec. 23-24, 2013, and said the brick that was affected was immediately removed from the building to ensure safety for students and workers. Currently, a fence encompasses the construction area to maintain safety for pedestrians and students from potential falling objects.


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