Inaugural Founders Day To Celebrate 135 Years Of Academic Success

Today@Sam says that SHSU will celebrate its 135 years with the inaugural Founders Day celebration on Saturday, April 26:
Founders Day will allow alumni, friends and faculty to reconnect through a day of interactive panels, a luncheon at the Peabody Library and will provide a unique opportunity to “grow” a new tradition.

The event will end following a tree dedication ceremony at 2:45 p.m., during which a Catalpa sapling, grown from seeds from second-generation Houston-owned Catalpa trees, will be planted by Austin Hall.

Legend says that Margaret Houston planted two Catalpa trees on the property of the Woodland Home, their family’s house in Huntsville—one symbolizing her, and the other representing her husband. While General Houston spent time in Washington as a state senator, the couple would send letters to each other professing their love and devotion; Margaret would often fold a Catalpa leaf and place it in the letter she would send her husband, as if she were sending him a heart-shaped Valentine.

Capping off the celebration, many alumni and friends will leave Founders Day with a Catalpa sapling as a memento of the day, a reminder of the university’s rich past and sign of its promising future.
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