Bowers’ Board Done During SHSU Game

What does one do when your electronic gadgets go wonky? Hope one of the items isn't your scoreboard - and then pray its wonkiness is not during a game. Read more about this happening in the Houstonian (Sep. 16):
[On Sat. Sep. 13] Toward the end of the second quarter, the scoreboard read Colorado State-Pueblo up 88-0 over SHSU. Although the Bearkats were in the middle of being slaughtered by the Division II squad, it surely wasn’t that bad of a beating.

Bowers Stadium saw scoreboard malfunctions trouble again after experiencing problems during Friday’s high school football game between Huntsville and Magnolia West.

The troubled board eventually led to referee K. Hassel demanding the operator to shutoff the scoreboard altogether at the beginning of the second half. The referee crew had to manually keep time down on the field and continuously give time updates for the rest of the game. Technicians worked on the scoreboard but were never able to get the board up to par before the end of the game.

[SHSU athletics are] not sure when the scoreboard, built by Daktronics, will be fully operational again. The Bearkats return to Bowers Stadium on Oct. 11 against McNeese State.

Feel free to use "wonky" in your conversations today, too.


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