Medical School At SHSU May Be Gaining Traction

The Item reports on the early discussions regarding the proposed medical school in The Woodlands:
Administrators advocating a major expansion of Sam Houston State University’s medical program are getting ready for the long haul.

Dr. Michael Lacourse, dean of SHSU’s College of Health Sciences, said he hopes a medical school could get up and running in six to seven years.

The school would have to be approved by SHSU’s governing body, the Texas State University System, as well as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating board. The university would also have to get approval for the degree program, courses and other administrative formalities.

After that, the university must find a funding mechanism. Medical schools are expensive due to the highly technical equipment that can reach into the millions of dollars, not to mention the cost of brick and mortar buildings. Lacourse said the university would rely on a variety of different revenue sources.

After the physical location is built, administrators would need to be hired and in place for a year. Faculty members would be hired and in place for two years. At that point, the school would receive probationary accreditation and get a first group of students enrolled.

The first half of 2015 seems to be the point where things will get off the ground. Part of the deal with the development company is that SHSU have approval for a medical school and obtain funds to build the buildings by the end of 2016.


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