Gen. Sam Houston’s “Rock” A Year Older

The 196th birthday of Margaret Moffette Lea Houston, wife of General Sam Houston, will be commentated in conjunction with Founders Day this Saturday, reports the Houstonain:

Margaret Lea’s birthday event began around the year 1960. The director at the time felt Margaret should be celebrated alongside her husband for her contributions.

It was a huge event for years but then it died down a bit in the 1980s. The museum director brought the celebration back in 2012. However, last year, due to different circumstances, the event was not held.

Following tradition, attendees are asked to bake a cake for the event. As of now, there are 20 cakes lined up for the enjoyment of the community on Saturday.

Once the main celebration has concluded, there will be a program where Una Grace Nash, a Huntsville local who has portrayed Margaret Lea in the play “Gone to Texas” in previous years, will make an appearance.

The event will be held outside of the Woodland home which is the Houston’s actual home on the grounds of the museum. The museum will be open for those present to explore the grounds and learn a little more about the Houstons and their lives.


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