Counseling Center Receives ‘Top 100’ Recognition For Artwork

News today from Today@Sam about the "Emerald Castle” in the Powell Health and Counseling Center being recognized as a “Top 100” artwork by CODAworx:
The CODA awards recognize the best work demonstrating successful integration of commissioned art into interior, architectural and public spaces. Entries are evaluated on the integration of artwork into the project and the strength of the collaborative process among commissioners, designers and fabricators of the work.

“The cascade evokes falling leaves gently blowing in the breeze,” said Debbie Goldgar, art consultant with Art+Artisans. “The piece was designed to create a soothing, calming effect for students entering the facility.”

Prior to the opening of the center, the committee in charge of choosing art for the building teamed up with Art+Artisans Consulting of Austin to find a suspended artwork for the lobby.

Because the center serves a wide variety of physical and mental health needs for a large student body, the committee was looking for a piece that would provide a calming and aesthetic presence that alluded to nature, according to the website.


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