Monday, September 21, 2015

Bearkats Bunking at Gateway With All Dorms Full

Since all the other dorms at SHSU are full, and what with the explosive student enrollment, the Huntsville Item (Sep. 20) reports that about 60 students are being housed at Gateway Inn behind Dairy Queen out along I-45 for the rest of the fall semester:
The Gateway Inn was leased for the fall semester by SHSU to accommodate first-year students who got to campus and had no room in overbooked dormitories this fall. Every SHSU dorm is occupied this semester.

“We are at 104 percent capacity,” said Dana Grant, SHSU director for Residence Life Business Operations.

“As of September 1st, I had about 150 people that were in an overbooked situation. They’re tripled in some of the larger rooms on campus and then at Gateway Inn. I also have students staying with resident advisers. I anticipate all students to stay there for the rest of the semester,” Grant added.

SHSU exceeded its on-campus student housing capabilities of 3,300 this semester due to late submission of housing applications by first-year students. Freshman students who graduated high school in 2015 are required to stay in dorms for the first academic school year.

University Hotel general manager A.K. Khan said the hotel accommodated the overflow of students for the first week.

Gateway Inn was refurbished prior to housing the SHSU students.

“We anticipated 80 students (to be housed there), but some didn’t show up," Grant said. "Right now there are about 60 students there.”

The students who are staying at Gateway Inn have the place to themselves. Because SHSU is leasing the hotel, no outsiders can book a room there.

“No pedestrians are staying there,” SHSU student relations clerk Tony Nick said.  

Psychology major Gyovan De La Cruz takes the shuttle bus to school. The shuttle bus is provided by SHSU and operates every day of the week.


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