Fraternity House To Be Built On Fraternity Row

The Nov. 13 edition of the Houstonian tells of new activity coming to the land east of main campus:
"A hidden room behind the walls with limited access for secret rituals," is only one of the amenities that will be in the new $800,000, two-story, 8,000 sq. ft., Delta Tau Delta house, located at 287 Bearkat Boulevard, behind the prison cemetery.

"The university told us that they wanted us to come in closer to the campus," said James Fewell, Delta Tau Delta President. The fraternity was the "first national recognized fraternity," on our campus. "We were the first ones here, under the name of the 'Esquires'," said Fewell. The old Delta Tau Delta house was located about three miles out of town, and was lived in since the late 70's.

Delta Tau Delta's new home is a part of the reemergence of the "Fraternity Row," that stood on our campus from the 60's through the 80's, located by present day Pritchett Field. "We are hoping to have a 'Fraternity Row,' just like the quadrangle that I lived in when I was here in the 60's." It was a wonderful experience to live amongst fellow fraternities, said [Dr. Robert Roush, Immediate Past President of Delta Tau Delta International]. "We would love to have that atmosphere again."

The city of Huntsville already approved the new 'Fraternity Row' and divided it into five plots, said Fewell. "We bought the first plot of over 2 acres of land, and it is already paid for in full." The house is scheduled to be built and ready to move in by 2005.


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