Regents Approve Dining Facility Name

The Board of Regents approved SouthPaw as the name for the new south campus dining facility on Friday (Nov. 21) during its meeting at SHSU, reports Today@Sam. SouthPaw is scheduled to be completed Dec. 2 and to open in the spring.

A random panel of students, faculty and staff recommended the name of the facility, to be approved by the regents, after Residence Life opened a contest for student submissions. The top three choices, out of 174 proposed names that were voted on electronically, included “Bearkat CafĂ©", "Eat ‘em up Kafe" and "SouthPaw."

The winning proposal was submitted by three students: Andy DiMambro, Jason Plotkin and Kara-Lea Roberts. Those students will receive $100 Bearkat Express, divided between the three.

The other two finalists, Barbara Roberts and Jessica Gallow, will each receive $50 Bearkat Express.


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