Today@Sam: 125th Celebration Impact To Last For Years

Sam Houston has been a great name in Texas education for 125 years, and the celebration of Sam Houston State University's founding will include not only one-time events but ongoing projects that will have an impact for years to come.

The planning to properly mark the inception and accomplishments of the entity that has also been known as Sam Houston Normal Institute, Sam Houston State Teachers College, and Sam Houston State College, began last summer.

That's when a 125th Anniversary Celebration Steering Committee comprised of faculty, administration, students, alumni, retirees, community leaders and friends of the university began work. A number of projects have been initiated as a result of the committee’s efforts.

A re-enactment of the signing of Sam Houston Normal Institute's charter document by Gov. Roberts, is scheduled for the steps of Austin Hall on April 21. Roberts began the first of his two terms as governor in 1879, 20 years after Sam Houston had held the same office.

For more, go to the 125th Anniversary website.


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