Houstonian: Five campus construction projects to bring 'extra space' to SHSU

From the Houstonian:
One of the projects is Sam Houston Village, a new dormitory located across the street from Jackson-Shaver with a $19.3 million price tag. Physical Plant Director, Doug Greening, described the rooms as "efficiency apartment style" similar to those found in Bearkat Village, though they will not include a full kitchen. The facility will also include a parking garage underneath the main structure and enough rooms to accommodate 250 students. It is scheduled to open next August.

An addition to the Smith-Hutson Business Building costing $8.3 million will provide more classrooms and offices for use by the College of Business Administration. Greening said that this addition will help "to bring the college under one roof" since they are "scattered around the campus. They really need the extra space." The addition is scheduled to be completed by January 2005.

SouthPaw, a new eating facility located across from Academic Building 3 costing $2 million, will feature a Subway, Pizza Hut, Java City and Home Zone. SouthPaw is in its final stages of completion and is scheduled for an early February opening.

The two final projects are the $1.4 million addition to the Teacher Education Center that will open in the spring of 2005 and a $6.7 million addition to the Health and Kinesiology Center (HKC). The addition to the Teacher Education Center will feature a new counseling facility where counselors can, according to Greening, "interact with their clients and also view them by camera or by one-way mirror."

"[The HKC addition] will have an outdoor pool that will probably not be covered, a climbing wall and expanded weights facility," said Greening. "We're hoping to have an end of the year or early 2005 opening."


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