Did Not I Dance with You in AB3 Once?

Today@Sam reports that the dance program will pay tribute to the many years spent dancing and performing in Academic Building III during its final Dance Spectrum concert in the building Wednesday, April 28 through Saturday, May 1 before the program moves to the Performing Arts Center.

To learn more about the Dance Spectrum concert please visit the Department of Dance's website, where you can also learn some of the history of the Dance program at SHSU:
  • Prior to 1945, all dance courses were taught in the Department of Physical Education for Women, which amounted to a few folk dance classes.  (We wager the classes were taught in the old Women's Gym.)
  • In 1945, Dr. Mary Ella Montague was hired to teach dance. Three classes in modern dance were “bootlegged,” and as the years passed, the program grew as subsequent course additions were made.
  • By 1950, there were enough dance courses listed officially to create a “load” for a full-time teacher. Dr. Montague began to add theory courses as dance electives.


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