Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writing on the Wall #6

Once there was this kid who walked into this building to listen to some music. And when he finally came in, he tripped and knocked over the piano. He said that he was sorry for making a flat major. Mmm.... Well, that story might be considered apocryphal (or nonsense), but we do have another letter in our memorizing seek-and-go-find hunt of letters hidden around campus. Our snapshot snippets aren't really hidden, yet can you identify the building or location where we took the photo? Here's the letter and yet another haiklu:

In colored glass
Enough room for principal
one-room crown jewel


Anonymous said...

Peabody Memorial Library - way too easy!

buildingshsu said...

Yeah, this one was sort of a gimmie.

buildingshsu said...

...sorry for the Crash Test Dummies-inspired nonsense, too.