Memories of Smith-Kirkley

Memories of the dorm, not the two namesakes, in Tuesday's edition of the Houstonian from two former residents:
Construction crews began the demolition of the residence hall on July 3 as a part of the ongoing tear-down to make room for new additions to the Lowman Student Center, according to a university announcement released in May.

Construction of Smith-Kirkley Hall was completed in 1962. It was an all-women’s dorm that housed 266 upperclassmen along with a reception room and dining hall. The building is named after Harriet Francis Smith and Bertha Kirkley. Smith was a geography teacher for SHSU from 1914 to 1941 while Kirkley taught as an assistant in Latin, mathematics and history from 1891 to 1941.

University officials say the demolition of Smith-Kirkley should be complete sometime in August.
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(King Hall: you're next.)


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