SHSU Searches For New Research Park Site

The July 13 edition of the Item reports that SHSU officials have asked the city to help investigate other sites for its research park:
SHSU determined the original site on Highway 19 is not viable, city sources confirmed Thursday.  That means, Mayor Mac Woodward confirmed, the public hearings to discuss possible annexation of 359 acres of land to include the 160-acre park will be cancelled, and there will be no more discussion of extending $2.1 million in city utilities to the site.

The original site is located in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, miles from city infrastructure, and would have required at least a 12-inch water line extension that would have cost, in addition to sewer line extension, $2.1 million. The developer requested that the city of Huntsville foot the bill. sources confirmed that a recent study on optimum sites for location of a hotel and conference center — like one that would be associated with the research park — identified sites along Interstate 45 as most viable.  These sites would have easy access to Interstate 45 and proximity to existing city utilities.

Over the past month, City Council fielded numerous questions and comments from citizens about the costs associated with utility line extension to the original Highway 19 site, possible annexation of the site, and the lack of consideration given to other sites with fewer associated costs to the city.
More: SHSU: Hwy 19 land still a possibility (Item; July 13)


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